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About AMalignment

Hi - I'm Anna MacIntosh.

I offer movement training, classes, and workshops designed to help people improve their overall functional movement and feel better to live everyday life. 

The main focus for my own practice and teaching is healthy biomechanics and functional movement achieved through the application of physics (yes I said that, I do have a background in engineering after all). 

I started this movement journey for myself, having discovered the impending fun of osteoarthritis and painful bunions at an age far too early for my liking, I made a conscious decision to become more accountable for my impact on this body I'm in. It's so empowering to know that we can influence our structure and health so much with the right knowledge and an informed variety of movement.

If your goal to get moving is to create stability, balance and integrate movement to sustain your life activities, you might benefit from this type of movement class or training. Start by contacting me for details. Click to the right for options to get started. 


STEAM'D Distillates


2oz spray bottles 

FYO (fill-your-own) 2oz 

Freshly harvested organic flowers and herbs, steam distilled in small batches with filtered water. The fresh flower water contains small traces of essential oil carried through the distillation process, leaving a light herbal and floral scent.

Absolutely no other additives.