STEAM'D Distillates

2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12


Floral and herbal hydrosols created in small batches by steam distillation. Locally grown/sourced, harvested, and distilled for your enjoyment with all the benefits and none of the added preservatives. 

Packaged in refillable dark glass bottle for longest lasting product (potentially 6-18 month if kept cool)

FYO 2oz bottle $8


Similar to the 2oz atomizer bottle but it's all about filling your own 2oz bottle provided instead - no packaging cost!

Arrange to bring me your refillable bottle. Dark glass for best results but any clean 2oz bottle will be filled. 

STEAM'D Hydrosols Available Now


**Holiday Blend** Lavender + Rosemary

Summer Lavender Blend


Rose + Lavender

Lemon Balm + Lemon Thyme


Rose + Thyme

Lavender + Thyme