Steam'd Distillates

What is Steam'd Distillates?

STEAM’D Distillates is a small-batch steam distillation operation creating all natural floral and herbal hydrosols. All products I make are inspired by, sourced, harvested and processed from the natural environment in which I move or are grown with love in my garden (or the gardens of friends in my movement community)

What is hydrosol? Hydrosol or Hydrolat (sometimes called floral water) is the aqueous product of steam distillation that carries both the hydrophilic properties of the plant solution (soluble plant parts that bind to the water molecules) and microscopic droplets of essential oil in suspension. They are typically made from floral or herbal flowers and plant material as a by-product of making essential oils, but in the case of Steam'd Distillates, I am distilling specifically to create the hydrosol so all of the essential oil carries over into the product.

Hydrosols are lighter in scent and intensity than pure essential oils so they can be used where other options might be too harsh. Depending on the hydrosol, it can also contain other benefits including antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that make them a refreshing natural option for facial toner, make-up remover, mat cleaner, foot sprays - just to name a few.

What is available?


2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12

2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12

2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12

Floral and herbal hydrosols created in small batches by steam distillation. Locally grown/sourced, harvested, and distilled for your enjoyment with all the benefits and none of the added preservatives. 

Packaged in refillable dark glass bottle for longest lasting product (potentially 6-18 month if kept cool)



FYO 2oz bottle $8

2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12

2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12

Similar to the 2oz atomizer bottle but it's all about filling your own 2oz bottle provided instead - no packaging cost!

Arrange to bring me your refillable bottle. Dark glass for best results but any clean 2oz bottle will be filled. 


STEAM'D Hydrosols Available Now


**Holiday Blend** Lavender + Rosemary

Summer Lavender Blend


Rose + Lavender

Lemon Balm + Lemon Thyme


Rose + Thyme

Lavender + Thyme