STEAM'D Distillates

2oz Hydrosols Atomizers $12


Floral and herbal hydrosols created in small batches by steam distillation. Locally grown/sourced, harvested, and distilled for your enjoyment with all the benefits and none of the added preservatives. 

Packaged in refillable dark glass bottle for longest lasting product (potentially 6-18 month if kept cool)

FYO 2oz bottle $8


Similar to the 2oz atomizer bottle but it's all about filling your own 2oz bottle provided instead - no packaging cost!

Arrange to bring me your refillable bottle. Dark glass for best results but any clean 2oz bottle will be filled. 

STEAM'D Hydrosols Available Now


Lavender Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

Rose + Lavender Hydrosol

Lemon Balm + Lemon Thyme Hydrosol

Mint Hydrosol