ELDOA Classes and Private Instruction


ELDOA® Fundamentals Weekly Classes

For the month of June we will be focussing on spinal and joint mobilization designed to help the brain-body connection to hit the course swinging. 

Spring Series - ELDOA for Golfers

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm

May 22nd - June 26th

Summer Classes - ELDOA Fundamentals

Wednesdays Jul 3, 10, 24, Aug 14, 21, 28

Mondays Jul 15, 29

All summer classes are $21.50. Pre-registration for all dates are required by the Monday prior to the class date. Multiple classes can be pre-paid in a single transfer. 

For interest or to pre-register for drop-in dates, email alignment.anarchist@gmail.com

The ELDOA Method™ is a movement practice with a focus on myofascial stretching and joint movements to create and maintain healthy space within the body. 

Many of the ELDOA poses are particularly useful in targeting space between the vertebral segments of the spine to improve and promote the following:

- healthy sitting, standing, and moving posture

- body awareness and proprioception

- hydration and health of intervertebral discs

- spinal strength and mobility

- core stability 

- reduce back and hip pain

Weekly small group ELDOA classes and private/semi-private sessions by appointment are available at Heart of Movement Pilates Studio in Oakville and can also be arranged for private in-home sessions in the local area. Email alignment.anarchist@gmail.com to book private and semi-private sessions. 

Whether you have a personal ELDOA practice or not, our weekly class provides guidance and progressions for each ELDOA, within a unique class designed to help you develop your practice. 

The Origin of ELDOA:

ELDOA is an acronym defined by Guy Voyer, a French Osteopath who developed the program as a way to help his patients care for their own bodies off the treatment table. It stands for LOADS: Longitudinal Osteo-articular Decoaptation Stretching, when translated to English. 

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